Agent Configuration dialog box

The Agent Configuration dialog box will be presented to the user in two situations:

  • Right after the Agent+ installer (not preconfigured) is used

  • Agent+ is started interactively


  • When the Agent+ installer is used, the dialog box will have no pre-filled data. Apecify a dispatcher address (usually one is enough) in the HTTPS format: https://<dispatcher>:3165/<EnvGUID>.


  • Optionally, check the option to Retrieve complete Dispatcher list after discovery and click the Refresh button. If agent-to-dispatcher communication is OK, the Automation environment should be listed in the top list box.

  • Select the Automation environment and click OK or double-click on it to instruct the Agent+ to connect to the environment.

  • When Agent+ is started interactively, the Agent Configuration dialog box will have prefilled data for the Dispatcher Address List and Ivanti Automation environment. Note that the Dispatcher format is now the normal one (non-HTTPS), since the Agent+ is already connected to the Automation environment.

  • You can use this dialog box to connect to a different Dispatcher from the Automation environment using its normal format, to connect to a new Automation environment using the HTTPS format of the Dispatcher, or to change the Automation environment GUID using the HTTPS Dispatcher format.

  • Changing the Automation environment GUID can lead to unexpected behavior. Changing the Automation environment GUID is not recommended.