Ivanti Automation license editions

During Ivanti Automation setup you can choose between these two editions:

  • Enterprise Automation: In this mode you can evaluate all features of Ivanti Automation for 45 days. During this period you will have the use of 75 licenses to evaluate the product. After 45 days your Enterprise environment becomes read-only.
  • Standard Automation: In this mode you can use Ivanti Automation for an unlimited period and will have an unlimited number of licenses. During this period you will only be able to execute "original Ivanti" tasks

Standard mode only supports Ivanti connectors for Ivanti products. If you have installed connectors for other products, their features won't be available in Standard mode.

During the evaluation period you can toggle between Enterprise and Standard modes. Items created in Enterprise mode that aren't supported in Standard mode won't be available there. If you have mixed Enterprise and Standard tasks in a module/project/runbook, you won't be able to schedule that items in Standard mode. In Standard mode you can delete unsupported Enterprise mode items.

If you are upgrading from Automation 10.2 or earlier and were using Automation in the old PoSH mode, Automation will be configured in the new Standard mode with only Ivanti product support. However, you will now have full access to console account management under Administration > Security. PoSh mode restricted that access.

By default, Standard mode includes these tasks:

  • Provisioning > Ivanti Workspace Control (Refresh): Refresh a Workspace Control Session
  • Ivanti Automation Dispatchers > (Discover): Discover Dispatchers
  • Ivanti Automation Results > (Delete, Export): Delete or export Automation task results
  • PC Lifecycle Management > Ivanti Endpoint Manager (Distribute Software): Distribute software with Endpoint Manager

Visit the Ivanti Marketplace at https://marketplace.ivanticloud.com/ for more Ivanti Automation connectors. If you install connectors for non-Ivanti products and view them in Standard mode, those connectors will be listed in the Setup > Add-ons view in the Console, but you won't be able to use them. When adding a task to a module in Standard mode, a dialog box will display indicating which tasks aren't supported.