Interactive job execution (Configure)

Use this task to create interactive multipart jobs, where the user sees a Windows notification and can choose to continue, skip, or abort job actions.


  • Enter the notification's Title (50 characters) and Message (100 characters).

  • The Console-only sessions option only shows the prompts when a local user is logged in at the device. If no local user is logged in at the device, the task will fail.

  • Select the Actions you want users to be able to see in the notification, Abort (stop the job), Skip (move to the next action in the list), and Continue (execute the action). Text you enter beside these options (45 characters) is what the user will see in the notification's drop-down list.

  • The Timeout can be 1-60 minutes. You can select the action you want to take if there hasn't been notification interaction in this time.

  • Use On dismiss to configure what happens if the user dismisses the notification. Select No action, Action, or Display notification again.