Service Triggers (Manage, Delete)

Service Triggers allow you to start or stop a Windows service when certain things happen, such as when a computer joins a domain or a specified firewall port is opened.

Ivanti Automation uses Microsoft's Service Trigger support. See this page for additional information:


  • Service triggers added in Ivanti Automation won't overwrite existing triggers of the same type if they already exist. You can override this behavior with the Overwrite existing triggers option.
  • You can delete individual Service Triggers or select the Delete all triggers option to delete all triggers associated with the specified service.
  • The Job History shows the status for each Service Trigger configuration action taken by the Agent.
  • Firewall port syntax example: 23;tcp

Custom state change triggers

Custom system state change triggers can use a pre-filled GUID in the Event provider's GUID field, {2D7A2816-0C5E-45FC-9CE7-570E5ECDE9C9}. You can then reference this list for corresponding hardware and software event values that you can add:

For example, this list has an identifier called "WNF_CAM_MICROPHONE_ACCESS_CHANGED": 0x418b0f2ea3bc5875. If you want a service to start or stop when this happens, in the Edit trigger dialog box, click Add, in the Value filed enter 418b0f2ea3bc5875, and for the Type select Binary.