Resource (Upload)

Use the Task Upload Resource to upload Resources from Agents and pre-cache them on the Dispatcher where the executing Agent is connected.


  • Add Resource(s) using the Add button.

    • Specify the file location using the File filed. Wildcards (“*” and “?”) are supported.

    • Optionally, specify a comment for the Resource in the Comment field.

    • Select one of the Special options to control the parsing of variables, parameters, and functions.

    • Optionally, select the Folder where the Resources should be placed in the Datastore. By default, the Resource will be placed in the root folder.

    • If the Resources needs to be also cached locally on the Dispatcher where the executing Agent is connected, check the option to Add the resource to the dispatcher cache.

  • Edit Resource(s) using the Edit button

  • Remove Resource(s) using the Delete button


  • Parameters, Functions and Global Variables are supported in the File, Comment and Folder fields.