Dispatcher Cache settings

At Setup > Global Settings, you can define the general settings of your Ivanti Automation environment, and the default settings of Dispatchers and Agents.

Dispatcher Cache settings

Dispatcher cache timing

Specifies when a Dispatcher should cache a Resource. Combined with Dispatcher cache duration, this allows you to manage the amount of disk space that a Dispatcher uses. If cached when needed, the Resource will only be downloaded from the Datastore when it is needed to complete a Task. If cached immediately, the Resource will be downloaded when it becomes available in the Datastore.

Dispatcher cache availability

Specifies when a cached Resource should become available to an Agent.

Dispatcher cache duration

Specifies how long a Resource will be cached on a Dispatcher before it is deleted. This setting is only used if Resources are cached when needed. If it is set to Unlimited the cache will remain available on the Dispatcher. If its time is limited, it will be deleted after the set time, freeing up disk space. The cached Resource will also be deleted when it is deleted from the Datastore.