See this page for a list of Supported database systems.

Other Prerequisites


  • An existing database and database user.
  • The database user must be able to access a table space with a page size of at least 8KB

Consoles and Dispatchers

  • IBM DB2 OLEDB provider (x64/x86)

Preparations for creating a Datastore on DB2

  1. Create a local user on the DB2 Server, for example: IvantiAutomation. This account will be used to connect to the Ivanti Automation Datastore.
  2. Manually create a database on the DB2 Server, for example: ROADB. Specify a Buffer pool of 8KB.
  3. Create a Table Space for the user IvantiAutomation in the new ROADB database.
  4. Create a schema in the new ROADB database, for example: roa.
  5. Add the user you created in step 1 to the database ROADB.
  6. Assign the applicable authorities, and add the schema and Table Space you created in steps 3 and 4 to this user. Make sure you assign the proper privileges.