Scenario: Install applications only on Agents with sufficient disk space

Suppose you need to install an application on one or more Agents, but you are not sure whether all Agents have sufficient disk space. To handle this situation, do the following:

  1. At Library > Modules, create a Module containing a Task Query Disk Space and a Task Install Windows Installer Package.
  2. In the Task Query Disk Space, configure an evaluator that defines that the Task should fail if the target disk on the Agent has less than 100 MB free disk space available:
    Evaluator example 1
  3. In the Install Windows Installer Package, specify the Windows Installer Package and configure a condition that defines that the Task should only be executed if the previous Task completed:
    Evaluator example 1.1
  4. When you execute the Module in a Job, the Task Install Windows Installer Package will only be executed on Agents whose target disk has at least 100 MB free disk space available. On Agents with less disk space, the Task will fail immediately.