Team Variables tab

At Topology > Teams, you can configure Teams. When adding or editing a Team, use the Team Variables tab to configure Variables that deviate from the global Variables. See Variables.

When configuring a Task, the values of many fields can optionally be replaced with Variables. Similar to parameters, Variables function as placeholders for customer-specific values, such as, for example, server names, passwords or credentials. Different from parameters however, Variables are resolved at the moment of Job execution, rather than at the moment of Job scheduling.


  • You can set the default values of Variables at Library > Variables.
  • It is not possible to add or edit categories from the Team Variables tab.
  • It is not possible to add new Variables from the Team Variables tab.
  • When editing a Team Variable:
    • only the value can be set.
    • select Inherit from global to apply the default value of the Variable to the Team. Clear the option to specify Team-specific values that override the default values.
  • Nested Teams do not inherit the values of Variables from the Team in which they are nested.