Agent Settings tab

At Topology> Agents, you can configure Agents. When editing an Agent, use the Agent Settings tab to configure settings for an Agent that deviate from the Global Settings.


  • You can set the default Agent settings at Global Settings (Setup > Global Settings).
  • Except for the setting Agent resource cache folder, you can choose for each setting whether to use Agent-specific settings or inherited settings. Inherited Agent settings are inherited from:
    • the primary Team (if available). A primary Team is a Team whose settings can be inherited by each Agent that is a member of this Team and for which the Team has been set as its primary Team. You can set Teams as primary Teams on the Teams tab and at Topology > Teams.
    • the Global Settings, if the Agent is not a member of a primary Team.

    You can change the settings of Agents in different ways:

    • Open the properties of an individual Agent and click the Agent Settings tab.
    • Right-click an Agent and click Settings Overview. This opens the Settings Overview window, which shows an overview of the settings of all Agents. To change these settings, select one or more Agents and click Change settings of selected Agents.
    • Select the relevant Agents, right-click this selection and click Change settings of selected Agents. This opens the Change settings for multiple Agents window.
      • To change a setting, select it and click Edit.
      • After changing the setting, its check box will be selected. To ignore a changed setting, clear this check box.
      • When you repair an Agent or Agent+, Ivanti Automation uses the current Agent settings by default.
      • Agents that use a Team as their primary Team not only inherit its Trusts (Security settings), but also its Team settings (Topology settings). It is therefore recommended to consider the consequences before assigning an Agent to a different primary Team, as this may have a severe impact on the performance of the Agent.

        Best practice: Create a Team folder, configure Trusts on this folder and add the two primary Teams to the Team folder. In this way, it is not necessary to change Team settings or Trusts for each primary Team: the Agent will still inherit the correct settings from its primary Team.