Module Properties tab

At Library > Modules, you can configure and manage Modules. Modules are containers for the Tasks that you can execute on Agents. Modules hold information about how these Tasks should be executed, such as Task settings, order of execution of Tasks, parameters and conditions. When configuring Modules, use the Properties tab to specify a name and an optional description for the Module.


  • The Module name is the name that is shown on the Folders/Modules tab of the Modules node. When creating a Module, it is therefore wise to choose a name that reflects its contents.
  • The Description that you can optionally specify is only shown on the Modules tab. In the Description field, you can use hyperlinks. Console users can directly browse to these hyperlinks from the Console. The following links are supported:
    • http://
    • https://
    • file://
  • If a Module is disabled, you can no longer directly schedule it in a Job. However, if a Module is disabled, it is still enabled in Projects and Run Books. It is, however, not possible to create new Projects and Run Books containing that Module.
  • Use the option Leave used Resources in Agent cache after Module is finished only for Resources that are frequently used by the Agents and that rarely change. This allows Agents to execute Tasks faster, because they don't need to download the Resources from a Dispatcher first.