macOS Software Package (Install, Remove)

  • Use the Task Install macOS Software Package to install software on macOS Agents using disk images (.DMG) and installer packages (.PKG).
  • Use the Task Remove macOS Software Package to remove software (.APP) from macOS Agents.


  • Settings tab of Task Install macOS Software Package:
    • The Installation options area is unavailable when installing packages of type .DMG. This is the default setting.
      • .DMG files may only contain one application (.APP), which is always copied to /Applications.
    • Use the Installation target field to specify the installation location of the package. The default target is "/". Other options are e.g. /Applications/Utilities or /Volumes/OtherDrive.
      • .PKG packages determine which target(s) are allowed. Please refer to the documentation of the installer package for a list of all supported targets.
    • Use the Package Parameters field to specify any additional parameters required for the installation. Please refer to the documentation of the installer package for a list all supported parameters.
  • Settings tab of Task Remove macOS Software Package:
    • Use the Application path field to specify the complete path to the application that needs to be removed (e.g. /Applications/
    • You can only remove applications that are not active. Select Terminate application if running to forcibly close the application if it is running.
  • When specifying installation targets, paths, etc, please note that all macOS Tasks are case-sensitive.
  • Regular expressions are supported.

To retrieve which targets are allowed for a .PKG package, apply -volinfo to the package in a command line, while working on a macOS machine.