Frequency at which Console checks for new updates

By default, the Ivanti Automation Console checks every 5 seconds on the Datastore whether a new version is available. This can lead to performance issues when the Console is installed on many machines, for example in large environments.

To configure the frequency at which the Console service checks for new updates, set the following registry setting:


  • HKLM\Software\RES\AutomationManager\WMC\ (32-bits)
  • HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\RES\AutomationManager\WMC\(64-bits)



Value name:


Value data:

A value between 30 and 86400 seconds (1 day).

The frequency check will only be activated when there are no Consoles active, otherwise the frequency check for new updates will not be changed and will occur every 5 seconds.