Run Book Parameters tab

At Library > Run Books, you can configure and manage Run Books. With Run Books, you can create a chain of Jobs that makes it unnecessary to schedule these Jobs individually. When configuring Run Books, use the Run Book Parameters tab to manage the Job parameters in the Run Book.

Like Project parameters, a Run Book parameter is an umbrella parameter for a set of Module parameters and/or Project parameters that occur in one Run Book. With a linked Run Book parameter, input is requested only once. In Run Books, Module parameters and Project parameters are known as Job parameters. When linking a Run Book parameter to a Job parameter, you can specify which action should be performed by the link at the input moment to determine the value of a parameter. See Run Book parameters.


Run Book Parameters > Parameters tab

  • Click AutoCreate to create Run Book parameters automatically. During creation, you will also be asked if you also want to link the Run Book parameters to matching Job parameters automatically.
  • Use the arrow buttons to change the order in which Run Book parameters are presented at input moment.
  • Click Delete to delete Run Book parameters.
  • Click Cleanup to delete Run Book parameters that are not linked to any Job parameters in the Run Book.
  • Click Determine parameter order by usage to automatically sort parameters by how often they are used. If this option is disabled, you can arrange parameters in any order needed and that arrangement will be preserved. Changes to this option are visible after the view is re-opened.

Project Parameters > Links tab

  • To link a Run Book parameter to one or more Job parameters manually, select a Job parameter and drag it to a Run Book parameter. After this, click Action to specify which action should apply to the link.
    • Alternatively, you can link a Run Book parameter to one or more Job parameters manually by editing the properties of the Run Book parameter (on the Links tab of the Add Run Book Parameter window).
  • To link all unlinked Job parameters to matching Run Book parameters automatically, click AutoLink. This automatically links existing Run Book parameters to matching Job parameters of the same name and type. If no matching Run Book parameters exist yet, you will be asked if you also want to create these automatically. AutoLinked Run Book parameters use the default link action Set initial value.
  • Linked Job parameters are shown below the Run Book parameter to which they are linked; unlinked Job parameters are listed separately.
  • To unlink a linked Job parameter: Right-click the linked Job parameter and click Delete. This will only delete the link; not the Job parameter itself.
    • Alternatively, you can delete links by dragging it to Not Linked at the top of the list.
  • In Ivanti Identity Director, using a Run Book with Use Run Book parameter set to For active Console user name(s) on targeted Agent, may lead to unexpected results in the following situation:
    • If this Run Book is used in a Ivanti Identity Director service,
    • And the Run Book parameter is linked to a service attribute,
    • And the service attribute is based on a People Identifier,
    • And the People Identifier contains multiple values,
    • Then the first People Identifier value that was added, will be used as the Run Book parameter value. This does not necessarily have to be the value that appears first in the list. For example, if a user is identified with a Windows user account and the person identifier has the values 'demo\jsmith' and 'resdemo\jsmith'. This is a known limitation.
  • The use of Global Variables in Run Book parameters, Run Book conditions and Run Book evaluators is supported, but the used value will be the global value, not the value that the Global Variable can have per Agent/Team. This is due to the fact that Run Book jobs need to have the complete definition at schedule time, so the per-Agent/Team value can not be used since we don not know for sure what are the Agents targeted by the job.