Agent Properties tab

At Topology> Agents, you can configure Agents. When editing an Agent, use the Properties tab to view the general properties of the Agent or to prepare the Agent for use in a computer image.


  • If Agents are identified by MAC address or by Domain name/NetBIOS name, this information will be shown in the field Identified by. This field is not shown if Agents are identified by their GUID. You can change the way in which Agents are identified in the Global Settings.
  • The Prepare for Image functionality allows you to include a Ivanti Automation Agent when you prepare an image of a computer. When you deploy the image on a computer, it will include a duplicate of the original Agent. The new Agent will start automatically and register itself in the Datastore, with a new computer name. If necessary, you can also include specific Projects in the image that are executed as soon as the new Agent comes online. This functionality is also available for Agents for Unix/Linux.
  • The File version for the Agent+ follows the Microsoft standard: <Major>.<Minor>.<Days>.<Seconds>. For example, File Version 10.0.6205.36370 for the Agent+. The File version for the legacy Agent follows the standard: <Major>.<SR>.<incremental number>. For example, File Version 7.05.0577 for the legacy Agent.