Scheduling Jobs Unattended

You can also schedule Jobs unattended, for example if you want to schedule Jobs using a third-party product. You can schedule a Job unattended by running the executable of the Console (wmc.exe) from the command line using the following parameters:






Specifies the action, in this case schedule. (Another option is importbb to import a Building Block unattended.)







Identifies the Module, Project or Run Book.





Identifies the Agent or Team.

This parameter can be left out for Run Books for which all target Agents or Teams have already been configured.







Optional: the Ivanti Automation credentials to access the Console.


Ivanti\Workspace Manager

Optional: use parameter values from a CSV file.





Optional: applies to Run Books that are scheduled with CSV files only. Specifies whether the Run Book is to be scheduled per Run Book Job or per Task (default).



Optional: run the Job in parallel



Optional: suppresses any messages.



Optional: restrict Job to online Agents in a Team only.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Ivanti\Automation\Console\WMC.exe" /action=schedule /Module={69A0BC21-41F6-46DC-B6DE-5574138EF03C} /team={26E7EB95-35A8-41D3-AED9-FCE71571D6BD} /user=jsmith /password=secret /silent /onlineAgentsonly

  • You can schedule only one Module, Project or Run Book per command line.
  • You can specify only one Team or Agent per command line.
  • If all the necessary Teams and/or Agents have already been configured in the Run Book, you do not need to schedule an Agent or Team for a Run Book. If the Run Book has an empty Who field anywhere, you do need to specify an Agent or Team parameter.

The GUID of a Module, Project, Run Book, Agent or Team is shown on the items's Properties tab.