At Administration > Security, you can manage access to the functionality in the Console. Because any set of changes to the IT environment of your organization can be delivered from the Console, it is important to prevent unauthorized access, in order to prevent that these changes lead to unexpected and undesired results.

For example, by configuring different levels of access to the Console, you can allow Help desk employees to schedule predefined and tested Run Books, but disallow them to make changes to any of these Run Books. This allows Help desk employees to perform complex tasks without you running the risk that they make changes to these tasks.

Access to the Console is determined by two things:

  • Login accounts: A login account authenticates a user as a legitimate Console user. Each login account must be assigned to at least one administrative role to be granted access to the Console: login accounts that are not assigned to an administrative role do not have access.
  • Administrative roles: The permissions of an administrative role define the level of access that a Console user has to the functionality in the Console.