At Setup > Database, you can view the connection settings to the current Datastore, connect to another Datastore or create a new one. After a fresh installation of Ivanti Automation, the Console must be pointed to an existing Datastore, or a new Datastore must be created.

When creating a new Datastore, your Ivanti Automation environment uses AES-256 encryption.
For existing environments that do not use AES-256 encryption, a conversion tool is available at


Other Prerequisites to create a Datastore

  • Full installation of Ivanti Automation. It is not possible to create a new Datastore from a computer on which only the Console component has been installed.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 (Full version) or higher installed on the computer from which a new Datastore is created, to upload the components to the new Datastore.
  • If you want to use Windows Authentication through a designated account for your Microsoft SQL server connection, follow the installation steps here.


  • To connect to another existing Datastore, edit the connection settings and click Connect.
  • To create a new Datastore, click Create.
  • After creating a new Datastore or connecting to an existing one, the Console will restart and any administrative roles will be applied.

    • Alternatively, it is also possible to connect to a database that has not been created by Ivanti Automation, but by a database administrator on the database console. This is useful if an Ivanti Automation administrator does not have the correct permissions to create NEW databases, but is allowed to manage EXISTING ones. For example, an administrator with only DBO permissions is not allowed to create new databases, but can connect Ivanti Automation to a database created by someone else who does have sufficient permissions (DBA). This database can then be used as an Ivanti Automation Datastore. When connecting to a database that has not been created by Ivanti Automation, Ivanti Automation will ask for confirmation first. When confirmed, Ivanti Automation will create the required tables.
  • When using Microsoft SQL Server:
  • Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 database servers can be configured to listen on a different port than the default one (1433 for Microsoft SQL Server, 50000 for IBM DB2). This different port number needs to be specified in Ivanti Automation from the moment a different port number is specified on the database server.
  • When creating a new Datastore and a connection to an existing Datastore is available, Ivanti Automation will use the components in the existing Datastore to create the new one.
  • When connecting to a non-Ivanti Automation database, do not connect to an existing non-Ivanti Automation database that already contains data. Use empty databases only.
  • If a Console is configured to connect to a Datastore, but the Datastore is not available when the Console is started, the Database node is displayed with an empty Password field. This is by design, no data is lost. Once the Datastore becomes available again, if the Console is started, the connection will be made using the previously stored configuration.