Installing Consoles

Deploy a Console unattended if, for example, you want to deploy it on many computers at once using a command line. When you deploy a Console unattended, it is not necessary to preconfigure it. Unattended deployments can be scripted, for RIS or BareMetal installations.

  1. Open the Console and go to Administration > Components.
  2. Right-click the file Ivanti Automation Console [version].msi and choose Save component as.
  3. Do not preconfigure the MSI file.
  4. Save the MSI file to the desired location.
  5. Apply the following public properties to the MSI file in the command line:




    Specifies the database server for the Datastore.


    Specifies the database name for the Datastore.


    Specifies the database login for the Datastore.


    Specifies the database login password for the Datastore.


    Specifies the database type (either MSSQL, MSSQLAZURE,or DB2).


    Specifies whether protocol encryption is used to secure communication between the Datastore and the Console. Values are: Enabled or Disabled (default is Disabled).

    Note that additional Consoles and Dispatchers inherit the database protocol encryption settings used by the Console deploying them.

    If a source Console has DBPROTOCOLENCRYPTION disabled, a deployed component will default to having DBPROTOCOLENCRYPTION disabled.

    If a source Console has DBPROTOCOLENCRYPTION enabled, a deployed Console will have the same, and Dispatchers will default to EnableWithValidateCertificate, the safest of the two enabled encryption options.


Your SQL Server is called 'SQLSERVER01'. The Datastore is called 'automate'. The login and password for the Datastore is 'automateuser'/'Neverguess'.

To deploy a Console unattended, use:

Msiexec /i "c:\Ivanti Automation Console [version].msi" DBSERVER="SQLSERVER01" DBNAME="automate" DBUSER="automateuser" DBPASSWORD="Neverguess" DBTYPE="MSSQL" /qn

It is also possible to deploy a Console unattended using Windows Authentication and a Designated Account. For more information, see Windows Authentication (using a Designated Account). Here is an example:

Msiexec /i "c:\Ivanti Automation Console [version].msi" DBSERVER="SQLSERVER01" DBNAME="automate" SCUSER="automateuser" SCPASSWORD="Neverguess" DBTYPE="MSSQL" /qn