Reapply Job History and Reschedule Jobs

Reapplying Job History

Ivanti Automation stores information about all the Jobs executed on an Agent or Team, including how those Jobs were configured at the moment of scheduling. With the Reapply Job History functionality, you can apply the Job History of one Agent or Team on another Agent or Team. This is useful, for example, if a new Agent should have the same setup as an existing one, with the same programs installed, the same system updates, configuration settings, etc.


To reapply a Job History, edit the Agent or Team (at Topology), go to its Job History tab and click Reapply Job History. This opens the Reapply Tasks window.

  • Use the various options to select the Tasks that should be reapplied.
  • Click Save to Module to create a new Module with the selected Tasks.
  • When a Job History is reapplied, parameters are used with the same value as they were given originally. New input is not requested.
  • Conditions are re-evaluated when a Job History is reapplied.
  • Recurring Jobs (including scheduled using Cron) cannot be reapplied.

Rescheduling Jobs

Rescheduling a Job works in a similar way as reapplying the Job history of an Agent, but for an individual Job. By default, a rescheduled Job is executed on the same Agents or Teams, but different Agents or Teams can be selected if necessary.

Rescheduling a Job is useful for Jobs that should be repeated with some regularity, such as a query of the disk space available on Agents. Because you can also target other Agents or Teams than the original ones, it is also useful, for example, for trying out a Job on one Agent before executing it on a set of Agents and Teams.

Ivanti Automation stores the Job in the Job History exactly as it was performed at execution. This information does not change if the configuration of the used Modules, Projects or Run Books is changed afterwards.


To reschedule a Job, right-click the relevant Job (at Jobs > Job History) and choose Reschedule Job. Alternatively, you can reschedule Jobs from the Job History tab of Agents, Teams, Resources, Modules, Projects and Run Books.

  • Use the various options to select the Tasks that should be rescheduled.
  • Click Save to Module to create a new Module with the selected Tasks.
  • A rescheduled Job that uses a Resource will use the current version of that Resource. If the Resource was edited after the original execution of the Job, the rescheduled Job will use the edited version.
  • Depending on the input settings, new input will be requested for any parameters used in a rescheduled Job.
  • Conditions are re-evaluated when a Job is rescheduled.