Create a Module

If you want to execute a specific Task, the first step is to create a Module. A Module consists of (a sequence of) Task(s), including all settings needed to perform them. The ability to use a series of Tasks is very useful if a Task is directly related to another one.

In this chapter, we will configure a Module and add a Task that can install the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, and a Task that can execute an MBSA query.

  1. In the Console, go to Library > Modules.
  2. Click New in the command bar. The New Module window opens.
  3. At the Properties tab, specify MBSA as Module name, optionally specify a short comment and click the Tasks tab.
  4. Click Add. The Select Task window opens.
  5. In the Instant Search field, specify "installer". Windows Installer Package (Install, Repair, Patch, Remove) is shown.
  6. Click Install. The Task Install Windows Installer Package (/i) opens.
  7. On the Settings tab, click the browse button Browse button in the Filename field. The Select Resource window opens.
  8. Select the Resource MBSASetup-x86-EN.msi and click OK. Click OK again to return to the Add Module window.

After configuring the Task that installs the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, we can configure a Task that executes an MBSA query.

  1. Click Add. The Select Task window opens again.
  2. In the Instant Search field, type "mbsa". Baseline Security (MBSA) (Query) is shown.
  3. Click Query. The Task Query Baseline Security (MBSA) window opens.
  4. Leave the settings as they are and click OK to add the Task to the Module. The Module should now look like this:

    Get started MBSA tasks

  5. After reviewing the Module, click OK to save the Module.