Install Agents

When you have deployed all other Ivanti Automation components, you need to deploy the Agents. An Agent is a service that actually performs the scheduled Tasks in Ivanti Automation. The procedure is similar to deploying Dispatchers, with the exception of the Agent settings. If you deploy an Agent+ on a computer on which a legacy Agent is installed, the Agent will be converted to the Agent+. The Agent+ will automatically adopt the Agent settings, and the legacy Agent will be removed from the system.

  • When you deploy an Agent+ from the Console, Ivanti Automation will automatically use the correct installation file for 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows versions.
  • The default installation folder for new installations of Agents is C:\Program Files\Ivanti\Automation\Agent.
  • Agents can also be installed manually by saving the component as an MSI file (at Administration > Components), unattended via the command line or embedded using Prepare for Image. Please refer to the Help (F1) or Ivanti Automation Administration Guide.

Deploy an Agent+

  1. Open the Console and go to Topology > Agents.
  2. Click New in the command bar. This opens the Push Deployment window.
  3. Select the target computer(s). You can do this by clicking Browse button to browse your network, but you can also directly specify the host name, FQDN, or IP-address in the Target Computer(s) field.
  4. If you select computers by browsing, select the target computer. You can make multiple selections. Alternatively, you can choose to scan all computers in a specific IP-range.
  5. Click the Agent settings tab to configure the Dispatcher detection settings for the Agent(s). After deployment, the Agent will use these settings to detect Dispatchers. If necessary, you can change these settings again at a later stage. If you do not set Agent-specific settings, the Agent will be deployed with the default global settings.
  6. Click Deploy now.
  7. Specify the user name and password for the computer on which the Agent is deployed. This user account requires administrative privileges, because it must have installation permissions.

You can view the deployment progression in the Push Deployment window. When deploying, the system will check if the correct operating system and/or framework is running on the relevant machine. If not, the installation process will stop and a message is shown.

If a deployment is successful, it shows 100% in the column completed successfully. When you have deployed Agents, you can find the Agents and its current file version in the Agents node.

  • To deploy the legacy Agent, use the MSI file and install it manually. It is not possible to install the legacy Agent, if the Agent+ is already installed on the same machine.
  • Agents for Apple macOS and Agents for Unix/Linux cannot be deployed from the Console, but need to be installed separately.