Next steps

Now that you have set up a basic Ivanti Automation environment, you can start using it.

The core of any Ivanti Automation environment is the ability to perform Tasks. Tasks are actions that can be performed by an Agent. With a Task you can, for example, restart services on Agents or set registry keys, but also query the installed programs on Agents or query Windows event logs. Ivanti Automation contains a library full of Tasks that you can configure for a wide range of actions. Some Tasks are part of an Add-on and can be installed via Ivanti Connectors.

To give you a few examples, this document covers the execution of an MBSA query on an Agent. As a prerequisite, you need to install the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer first. This scenario consists of:

  • Create a Resource. Resources are files that are used in the execution of Tasks, such as MSI files, setup files, patches, hotfixes, etc.
  • Create a Module. A Module is a container for one or more Tasks. To execute the Tasks in a Module, you can schedule the Module as a Job on a set of Agents at a specific time.
  • Schedule a Job. A Job is the execution of Tasks at a specific time on specific Agents.
  • View the Job results. After a Job has been executed, you can view its results.

This document also provides some additional pointers for an initial tour of discovery of Ivanti Automation.