Where to go from here?

Explore further

A few pointers to explore Ivanti Automation even further:

  • Export the Job results to an XML file.
  • Create an Instant Report of the Job results.
  • Create a Building Block of your Modules, Projects, Run Books and/or Teams.
  • Deploy an Agent on another computer in your network.
  • Schedule a Job on multiple Agents and compare their results.
  • View the current activity while the Job is running.
  • View the history of the Agents that executed the Job.
  • Quickly create a new Module for a specific Task by using the Quick Task functionality (available from the Modules node).
  • Add the Module to a Project, which is a combination of Modules.
  • Run this Project on a Team of Agents.
  • Create a Run Book, and execute Jobs on different Agents.
  • Use parameters to make your Modules, Projects and Run Books generic.
  • Use evaluations and conditions in a Module, to execute or skip Tasks in the Module based on the outcome of a previous Task.

More information

  • For information about all functionality of Ivanti Automation, see the Help, which is available after installing the Ivanti Automation Console, by pressing F1.
  • For in-depth information, see the Ivanti Automation Administration Help.