Updating Agents using Ivanti Automation

Unix/Linux agents auto-update in versions 2019.2 and later

In Automation versions 2019.2 and later, the Unix/Linux agents will auto-update. The agent packages are now part of the Upgrade Pack and present in the Components node of the Administration section in the Console. In the future, Automation releases that include new Unix/Linux/macOS agents will auto-update themselves.

IMPORTANT: The Unix/Linux/macOS agents in version 2019.2 don't work with older Dispatcher versions.

Updating agents in older releases

Agents for Unix/Linux clients can be updated using a universal updater. This makes it easier to update these Agents to a newer version.

The universal updater is a Building Block of a preconfigured Module and a series of Resources and contains the following:

  • The Module Universal Updater contains various Tasks Execute Unix/Linux Command and Download Unix/Linux Resource.
  • Resources with the latest version for the Agent for Unix/Linux and macOS. This makes the universal updater also suitable to update Agents for macOS.

After importing the Building Block into your Ivanti Automation environment, you can adapt the preconfigured Module to your situation if necessary, and schedule it on the Agents that you want to update. The Module will then automatically update these Agents with the correct software package.

When you update Agents using the universal updater, a log file containing update information is available at /var/log/resamad_update.log. When you update Agents with your own script, please adjust it to include extra logging.