Connect to the Datastore

The next step is to connect to an existing Datastore. This Datastore stores all information related to Ivanti Automation. After a fresh installation of the Ivanti Automation Management Portal (no Datastore connection is available yet), the Setup > Environment page is automatically opened.

  1. In the Management Portal at Setup > Environment, specify the following information:
    • Database type: the type of database server to which you want to connect.
    • Database server: the name of the relevant database server.
    • Login/password: the user name and password of the DBA account that has access to the database. When using Microsoft SQL Server, it is possible to use a password containing special characters. The following special characters are escaped in the connection string: " ' ; { }
    • Database name: the name for the Datastore.
  2. In the Authentication section, specify which authentication type should be used.
    • Windows: Authentication happens via the accounts configured in the Ivanti Automation Console. Only valid login accounts using Microsoft Windows Authentication or Ivanti Automation Authentication are able to access the Management Portal. Users with a domain (domain\user or user@domain) and local account are allowed to log in.
    • Identity Broker: Authentication is centralized via the Identity Broker. This component is aimed to 'broker' the authentication between the RES web application and the configured identity provider. See also Getting Started with RES Identity Broker for further information on installation and configuration.
  3. Click Test connection. If the database connection is established, a message will be shown.
  4. Click Save to connect to the Datastore using the specified configuration.

After the Datastore connection is set up, the Management Portal restarts automatically and connects to the Datastore.