Agent Traces tab

At Topology > Agents, you can set up and manage Agents. Use the Traces tab to enable or disable agent trace logging on a machine. Agent traces can help you or customer support troubleshoot agent problems. Trace logging is disabled by default.

This feature requires Agent versions 2020.0 or newer.


  • The default trace location on the remote machine is C:\ProgramData\Ivanti\Automation\Traces\Agent. You can change this if necessary.
  • Double-click a trace to view it. Use the Reload button to transfer the trace file from the agent to the console. When the transfer is finished, the View button becomes available. This button opens the trace file in a temporary Notepad session. After the transfer the browse button next to the filename also becomes available, in case you want to save the trace file locally.
  • The Disable button disables tracing. It removes the trace registry keys and the created trace files. A confirmation message confirms that you want to disable tracing.
  • Autorefresh isn't available for this feature, so use F5 to refresh the trace list.