Active Directory User (Create, Delete)

Use the Active Directory User Tasks to create or delete Active Directory users:

  • in a specific Active Directory folder (optionally including subfolders).
  • with a specific user logon name.

With Create Active Directory User, you can create an Active Directory User in a specific Active Directory folder, and provide basic properties: logon name, password and password settings, and names.

With Delete Active Directory User, you can delete specific Active Directory users.


  • If you are going to run the Task on a Domain controller, you can leave the Domain controller field on the Settings tab empty and select Local Agent (domain controller) instead.
  • On the Settings tab, user logon name refers to the pre-Windows 2000 name.
  • If you want to remove a primary group or primary e-mail address, set another as primary first.
  • OU information should be entered in the following format: OU=IT,OU=Amsterdam,OU=Netherlands,DC=d-energy,DC=local.