At Jobs > Scheduling, when configuring the settings of a Job, use the What section on the Properties tab to specify which Modules, Project or Run Book should be executed.

Select the following:

module_icon_web one of more Modules

project_icon_web a Project

runbook_icon_web a Run Book


  • A Job can contain multiple Modules, but only one Project or one Run Book.
  • Use the List View or Tree View to browse to an item on the Run Book, Project or Module tab. When switching (list and tree) view, your selection is retained.
  • Type the search criteria in the Search field and click Search (or press Enter) to search on name and/or description. Your search is unique for each view and tab and will be saved. All folders that contain an item from your search will be unfolded in the tree view.
  • Select an item to add it to your selection and click OK to save it. Click Clear All to remove all selected items at once.