At Jobs > Scheduling, when configuring the settings of a Job, use the Who section on the Properties tab to specify which Agents or Teams should execute the Job.

Select the following:

agent_icon_web one or more Agents

team_icon_web one or more Teams


  • A Job can be executed by multiple Agents or Teams.
  • Use the List View or Tree View to browse to an item on the Agents or Teams tab. When switching (list and tree) view, your selection is retained.
  • Type the search criteria in the Search field and click Search (or press Enter) to search on name and/or description. Your search is unique for each view and tab and will be saved. All folders that contain an item from your search will be unfolded in the tree view.
  • Filter the Agent results further on status (All, Online and licensed Agents, Offline Agents).
  • Select an item to add it to your selection and click OK to save it. Click Clear All to remove all selected items at once.

As an alternative to selecting Agents from the selection window, you can add multiple Agents at once by typing or copy-/pasting (using Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert) them into the Who field. Separate the Agents by a semi-colon (";").

  • First, click icon_typing to enable typing or pasting
  • Then, click icon_ to validate your input
  • Optionally, click icon_return to return to the regular selection window (without validation)