Manually export results to XML

With the Export option, you can view Job results without using the Management Portal. This is useful, for example if you want to review the query results of a Job on a computer on which the Management Portal has not been installed. You can also use it save specific results as an XML file before you delete these results from the Datastore.

To export the Job results to an XML file:

  1. At Jobs > Job History, select Export from the puntjes for the relevant Job.
  2. On the Export Results page, you can export the results of this Job immediately. Select one of the following options:
    • Export overview results to create an XML file with a general overview of the results.
    • Export detailed results to create an XML file with a detailed overview of the results. If you also select Export overview results, Ivanti Automation will create one XML file that first gives a general overview of the results and then a detailed overview.
    • Export results per Agent to create a separate XML file for each Agent that executed the Job, including the name of the Agent. This is useful when you want to keep a separated administration for each Agent. These XML files will be available in a ZIP file.
  3. After downloading, you will have the possibility to open and/or save the file.

Exporting results using a command line is not supported in the Management Portal. Please refer to the Ivanti Automation Console.