Ivanti Automation uses the following components:

  • The Console
  • The Management Portal
  • The Datastore
  • The Dispatcher
  • The Agent


The Console is the main interface to administer your Ivanti Automation environment. Among many other things, you can use it to:

  • Create new Datastores and connect to existing ones
  • Deploy components
  • Configure all settings relevant to your Ivanti Automation environment
  • Schedule Jobs

Management Portal

The Management Portal is the web-based application for scheduling Jobs in your Ivanti Automation environment. The Management Portal works alongside the Console.

  • The availability of a new Public API using Swagger UI framework.


The Datastore is the central database for your Ivanti Automation environment, and stores all relevant settings and Job history. It can also store Resources that are needed to execute your Jobs.


The Dispatcher is a service that directs the information flow between the Datastore and the Agents.

  • A Dispatcher can cache Resources, thereby lightening the load on the Datastore.
  • Dispatchers can be chained together to work effectively in different network topologies.
  • The availability of a Web API allows you to build and deploy RESTful and SOAP web services and use the Dispatcher to integrate Job scheduling in external systems.


An Agent is a service that executes the Tasks on machines running Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux or Mac OS X. Agents running on Microsoft Windows can be deployed from the Console. Agents running on Unix, Linux or Mac OS X need to be installed separately.