At Administration > Components, you can save components (Agents or Agents+, Dispatchers, Consoles) as standalone MSI files that can be deployed manually or unattended.

When you click on a component in the Components list, you will have the option to preconfigure it. If you click Preconfigure setup for this Ivanti Automation environment using these settings, the additional configuration options become visible.

Saving a component as an MSI file

  • Besides deploying components using the Automation Console, you can also deploy components manually or unattended. For these purposes, you can save a Console, Dispatcher, Agent or Agent+ component as an MSI file to a location of your choice, for example a share or a USB stick. You can save a component as an MSI file by clicking on it in the Components list and then clicking the Download button at the bottom of the page.
    • Deploy a component manually if, for example, a firewall makes it impossible to deploy it using the Console.
    • Deploy a component unattended if, for example, you want to deploy it on many computers at once using a command line. When you deploy a component unattended, it is not necessary to preconfigure it. Unattended deployments can be scripted, for RIS or BareMetal installations. See Installing Agents, Installing Consoles and Installing Dispatchers.
    • When saving a component, you can preconfigure it. The component will then automatically connect with these settings to a Ivanti Automation environment when it is deployed.

Before deploying components, make sure to meet the prerequisites.