Advanced configuration

When configuring objects like Modules, Projects and Run Books, you can use the following functionality to further optimize your automation:

  • Variables: act as placeholders on global level for information that can be used in multi-tenant Ivanti Automation sites, in order to manage different settings for different customers and/or projects.
  • Parameters: act as placeholders for values in various fields in Tasks, such as text, file paths, credentials, etc. This makes it possible to create generic Modules, Projects and Run Books that can be customized to each situation when required.
  • Functions: generate (partial) input for text-based properties of Tasks. This makes it possible to create information in various fields in Tasks automatically.
  • Conditions: specify, based on expressions, whether a Task, Module or Run Book Job should be executed, skipped or failed.
  • Evaluators: let the execution of succeeding Tasks depend on the results of a Query.
  • Pattern matching - operators and wildcards: define sets of objects, rather than a specific one in Tasks, Team rules, conditions, and evaluators.