Error control (Run Book Job)

At Run Books, when configuring the settings of a Run Book, use the Error control area on the Properties tab to specify additional options for error control and job duration for Run Book Jobs.


Stop or continue Run Book on error

Specify whether the Run Book should stop or continue when an error occurs during execution.


Use this option to configure a timeout for the Job. In Run Books, if a Run Book Job is not completed within the specified timeout, it will change the status of any active Agent to Timed out. Subsequent Run Book Jobs will continue as normal. The end result of the Run Book will be Completed with errors.

  • Use case: This is useful to prevent situations in which Jobs cannot be completed because an Agent that executes a Task goes offline during execution, for example because it is being serviced or rebooted. Because this Task will remain active, the Job will not finish. By configuring a maximum Job duration, you can prevent these situations: the Job will be canceled when it times out.