Options (Run Book Job)

At Run Books, when configuring the settings of a Run Book, use the Options area on the Properties tab to specify additional options for scheduling the Run Book Job.


Create multiple Jobs and divide Agents equally amongst them

Use this option to automatically create a specific number of duplicates of a Run Book Job with the relevant Agents divided amongst those duplicates. This option is only available when configuring a new Run Book Job; not when editing an existing Run Book Job.

schedule offline agents for next boot

to postpone the execution of the Job for any offline Agents

  • Use case: The Job on online Agents will be executed immediately, but creates a separate After next boot Job for any offline Agents on which the Job is scheduled. When one of the offline Agents gets online, the After next boot Job will be executed and remains active until all specified Agents have completed the Job. If you clear this option, the Job will fail on all offline Agents, depending on the Launch timeout settings (in the Console, at Setup > Global Settings).

or when resumed after hibernate, sleep or standby

to schedule Jobs on Agents running on laptops

  • Use case: When a laptop goes into hibernation, sleep or standby, its Agent goes offline and it will become part of the After next boot Job. However, when the laptop is resumed and the Agent comes back online again, the After next boot Job on this Agent will not be executed, because the laptop has not booted. As many users rarely turn off their laptop, but put it in hibernation, sleep or standby instead, this can cause a backlog in Jobs that need to be executed on these Agents. If you select both options, Jobs scheduled on Agents running on laptops will also be executed.


Use this option to boot Agents automatically when the Job starts (available for Immediate, Scheduled and Recurring Jobs only). This broadcasts a "wake-up" packet to the Agent and forces it to use UTC time. By default, Ivanti Automation uses a global broadcast address, and UDP port 3163 for Wake-on-LAN. If necessary, you can set up different Wake-on-LAN settings (in the Console, at Setup > Global Settings). This option cannot be used in combination with option Schedule offline Agents for next boot.