Task overview

The core of any Ivanti Automation environment is the ability to perform Tasks. Tasks are actions that can be performed by an Agent. With a Task you can, for example, install software on Agents or manage users and groups in Active Directory, but also query security risks on Agents or query mailboxes on Microsoft Exchange servers. Some Tasks are part of an Add-on and can be installed via Ivanti Connectors. In general, all Tasks are performed in the same way. Tasks are configured as part of a Module.

You can configure Tasks in the Ivanti Automation Console.

The various query Tasks make it possible to acquire several types of information about Agent machines. The query Task can be combined with another Task that, for example, can be based on the results of that query Task.

Tasks are grouped by functionality. From the Management Portal the following libraries are available:

  • The library Configuration contains Tasks that relate to the configuration of a computer, such as applying registry settings, managing service parameters, and performing file operations.
  • The library Advanced contains advanced Tasks, such as executing Microsoft Windows PowerShell scripts.