At Topology > Consoles, you can view Ivanti Automation Consoles. The Console is the application from which Ivanti Automation is configured and used, from setting up the Ivanti Automation environment to the execution of Tasks.

  • A Ivanti Automation environment can contain several Consoles. Each Console can connect to different Ivanti Automation environments, but not simultaneously.

See Network Architecture for more information about Ivanti Automation components and their place in a Ivanti Automation environment.

Configuration of Ivanti Automation Consoles

  • You can filter Consoles based on their state, using the following tabs: ALL, ONLINE, or OFFLINE.
  • If Consoles are identified by MAC address or by Domain name/NetBIOS name, this information will be shown in the field Identified by. This field is not shown if components are identified by their GUID. You can change the way in which components are identified in the Global Settings that are configured in the Automation Console.
  • The column Database Encryption shows whether protocol encryption is used for communication between the Datastore and the Console. This setting is applicable for a Datastore based on Microsoft SQL Server.