Administrative roles

An administrative role determines the level of access a user has to the various parts of the Console and the Management Portal.

You can configure login accounts in the Console.


Explanation and tips

Security Roles - Deny

Deny: This type of access will hide the page, (sub)folder or object. Access to the pages and options that are associated with it will be blocked or hidden. By default, the access permissions of a new administrative role are set to Deny.

Security Roles - Read icon

Read: This type of access will show the page, (sub)folder or object as read-only.

Security Roles - Modify icon

Modify: This type of access will grant the right to modify the page, (sub)folder or object.

Security Roles: Inherit icon

Inherit: You can set explicit access permissions on folders and objects that deviate from the access permissions of the parent. If you do no set explicit access on a folder or object, it will inherit the access permissions of its parent.