Install Management Portal

Deploy a Management Portal unattended if, for example, you want to deploy it on many computers at once using a command line. When you deploy a Management Portal unattended, it is not necessary to preconfigure it. Unattended deployments can be scripted, for RIS or BareMetal installations.

  1. Go to the Success Center and download the file Ivanti Automation Management Portal [version].msi and save to the desired location.
  2. Apply the following public properties to the MSI file in the command line:




    Specify the thumbprint for the SSL certificate. This property is required if there is no RES website present and configured on the target machine.


    Optional: specify the host name for the SSL connection. By default, host name is used.


    Optional: specify the port number for the SSL connection. By default, port number 443 is used.


    Optional: specify the folder where the Management Portal will be installed. By default, installation folder C:\Program Files\RES\Automation\ is used.


Msiexec /i "Ivanti Automation Management Portal" /q SSL_CERTIFICATE_THUMBPRINT="11a1a1234567a1aa1234a1aa1234a12a12a1a123" HOST_SSL="localhost" PORT_SSL="443" APPDIR="D:\RES"