Audit Trail

At Audit Trail, you can view all actions performed in the Management Portal. Besides information about adding, changing and deleting items the Audit Trail records also actions such as:

  • Dispatcher, Console and Agent: Sign ins, sign outs, login failed
  • Dispatcher, Console and Agent: Updates
  • Dispatcher: Housekeeping
  • License: Activate, register and unregister
  • Scheduling: Abort, Resume, On Hold

Pointers for use

  • Use the Filter button or Search field to customize the type of Audit Trail results that are shown.
  • To show more results, scroll down. The results are loaded automatically when scrolling.
  • To sort on any column, click the column head.
  • To refresh the page automatically, click the Auto-refresh button. This will refresh the information on the page every 10 seconds. By default, the auto-refresh functionality is disabled. Your selection is browser- and computer-specific: it will be stored as a cookie on the computer from which you access the Management Portal. If, for some reason, you should delete this cookie, the default behavior will apply again.

To view the Audit Trail of a specific item, select Audit Trail from the puntjes for the relevant Job or go to the Audit Trail tab of the Job details.