At Modules, you can configure and manage Modules. Modules are containers for the Tasks that you can execute on Agents. Modules hold information about how these Tasks should be executed, such as Task settings, order of execution of Tasks, parameters and conditions.

A Module can contain multiple Tasks. The ability to use a series of Tasks is very useful if one Task is directly related to the other one. To execute the Tasks in a Module, you need to schedule a Job with the Module of which they are part of.


  • View all or only the enabled or disabled Modules.
  • Use the Tree View to see (and manage) the folder structure. Grouping Modules in folders can be useful in large environments and multi-tenant Ivanti Automation sites to easily locate any Projects you have created and also to create folders for various needs.
  • Use the List View to see an alphabetical list of all Modules.
  • Type the search criteria in the Search field and click Search to search on Module and folder name.
  • When switching (list and tree) view, your selection is retained. All folders that contain an item from your selection will be unfolded.


From Modules, the following actions are available:

  • Configure a new Module
  • View or change Module configuration
  • Schedule a configured Module
  • View the audit trail of a Module
  • Manage your folders in the Tree View (add a new folder, rename an existing folder, delete an existing folder and its content)

When selecting one or more Modules, you can:

  • Disable or enable one or more Modules
  • Move one or more Modules to a specific folder
  • Delete one or more Modules