Licensing Model

Ivanti Automation has three different license types.


Agent type

Desktop license

One Windows or macOS client installation

Datacenter server license

One Windows Server, Unix, or Linux installation

Site license

All supported installations

All physical and virtual operating systems need to be licensed. When ordering licenses, count the number of servers and desktops and order the respective amount of licenses from your reseller.

A simpler solution is the site license, which is paid for once and then has a yearly maintenance fee. With this model there is no need to order extra licenses when servers or desktops are added to your environment.

Legacy point-based licensing

Automation used to have a point-based licensing model. For legacy reasons, your licensing information in Setup > Licensing will be reported in points. This is used by the product internally and you won't be using points when ordering licenses.

Licenses are distributed based on the deployment date of Agents. When Agents are removed, the spare licenses are redistributed automatically.