Downgrade to a previous version

Should you wish to downgrade again, run the Upgrade Pack/Service Pack of the Ivanti Automation version to which you want to downgrade and follow the steps of the Wizard.

NOTE: The datastore configuration password prefilled in the downgrade pack is a placeholder. You must clear the Password field and provide the correct database connection password. The Login field will be prefilled with the login name you originally provided. This is a security feature improvement.

IMPORTANT: Due to the new 2018.1 security improvements that involve a new communication model (new port and certificates), downgrading to a previous (unsecure) version has some implications. Consoles will lose their connection to the database and they will need to be reconnected. Also, Agents will need to be repaired (Topology > Agents, select devices, right-click and click the Repair option) in order to switch to the previous communication model.

Downgrade to RES ONE Automation 2015 SR5 or lower

If you downgrade to an earlier version than RES ONE Automation version 10, the Agent+ is not supported. If you perform a repair of Agents+ after you downgraded, they will be removed from the Datastore and re-installed as an Agent. However, the Agents+ will not be removed from the Installed Programs.

Downgrade to RES ONE Automation 2015 SR2 or lower

If you have Modify access to the Add-ons node and you downgrade to RES ONE Automation 2015 SR2 or lower, your access rights will persist, but cannot be changed because the node is no longer available. You will still be able to install Add-ons.