See the Compatibility Matrix for compatible operating systems.

Additionally, the following software is required:

  • Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 and higher.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 (Full version: Client Profile and Extended) or newer on the machine running the installer.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 (Full version) or newer on machines running the Dispatcher and Upgrade Pack.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 or newer on machines running the Agent+.
  • Database driver on each Dispatcher and Console:


Database driver

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server client (pre-installed with Microsoft Windows)

Microsoft Azure SQL

Microsoft SQL Server Native Client (ODBC driver)


IBM DB2 OLEDB provider

Security Roles

If your Ivanti Automation environment is secured with security roles, you need a valid login account with at least Modify permissions on the node Administration > Components) in the Console.

  • Accounts that use Ivanti Automation Authentication: You will be prompted to provide credentials during the upgrade.
  • Accounts that use Microsoft Windows Authentication: The upgrade process will continue automatically.


Ivanti Automation 2023.4 uses certificates to encrypt communication between dispatchers and device agents. The Ivanti Automation 2023.4 Upgrade Pack will generate a self-signed certificate if one does not already exist.