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Authorized Owners

Authorized Owners increases the security of your Workspace Control environment by not allowing untrusted software applications to run. Untrusted applications are applications that are not installed by company authorized entities, such as administrators or automation accounts.

The feature is based on NTFS ownership and enables administrators to allow applications to be started only if the file owner of the application (executable) matches the configured list of NTFS owners (authorized owners).

Workspace Control checks applications to ensure that their ownership matches the configured authorized owners. If end-users launch an application and the NTFS file owner of the application is not found in the list of authorized owners, then Workspace Control prevents the application from starting.

Enable/Disable Authorized Owners feature

To enable or disable the Authorized Owners feature, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Workspace Control Console and navigate to Security > Authorized Owners > Settings tab.

  2. Set the Authorized Owners option to Enabled.

    To disable the feature, select Disabled.

  3. Select Save Settings from the main toolbar to save the new configuration.

Introduced in Ivanti Workspace Control 2021.2 (version