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The Performance features in Workspace Control help you get the optimal performance out of the available servers in your environment. This can be achieved by spreading the available memory and CPU capacity evenly across the server farm and across logons:

  • Access Balancing sets a maximum number of simultaneous logons to Workspace Control sessions on servers in a server farm. It is also possible to set different values for specific servers.
  • CPU Optimization actively lowers the priority of processes with a sustained high CPU usage. This keeps the process running, but with a low priority so that other applications in the system are not hindered anymore. When the process returns to a more acceptable level of CPU usage, its priority is changed back to the original level.
  • Instant LogOff ensures that user profiles unload correctly, and it disconnects the user when a log off is initiated, which improves the speed of the system as experienced by the user.
  • Memory Optimization limits the maximum amount of physical memory used per session and sets a maximum number of running applications per session.