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Agents Overview

Diagnostics > Agents Overview presents a read-only overview of the status, properties and Workspace Container memberships of all the Agents in your environment. Agents are computers on which users can start Workspace Control sessions. You can search for Agents and filter by Workspace Containers. This allows you to easily find Agents in large environments.

You can use the following wildcards in the Search field of Diagnostics> Agents Overview > Agents tab:

Wildcard Characters


* Represents zero or more characters
? Represents a single character
[] Represents any single character within the brackets
! Represents any character not in the brackets
- Represents any single character within the specified range
# Represents any single numeric character

A full string search is not possible.

See Agents for more information.

By default, the Filter is set to All Workspace Containers. Filter the list of available Workspace Control Agents based on Workspace Containers configured with any of the following Zone Rules:

  • NetBIOS name

  • FQDN

  • Operating system

Set the Filter to the desired Workspace Container and then select Search to refresh the Agents list. This displays only the Workspace Control Agents that match the selected Workspace Container.

If a Zone Rule is included in a Zone not supported by the Workspace Container filter, the Zone Rule is ignored when selected as the Filter.