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Custom Resources

At Administration > Custom Resources, you can select files and folders and configure them as Custom Resources for your Workspace Control environment.

With Custom Resources you can manage resources that are referenced by other parts of Workspace Control, but which cannot easily be placed on a centrally available file server or which must be available on a computer when it is not connected to the network.

For example, these can be image files used in Outlook signatures, scripts used by commands that are executed, etc.

Custom Resources are locally cached on all computers running Workspace Control. When referencing these resources, use the %rescustomresources% variable, which will be replaced by Workspace Control to point to the actual location of the file. The %rescustomresources% variable will always point to the root of the folder structure.


  • To configure custom resources, click New to add a custom resource. This will open the Browse for File or Folder window.
  • Select a file or folder and click OK. This will display the selected files and folders in the Custom Resources list.


You have added an image file named corpimage.gif to the root of your Custom Resources (i.e. you have not created a folder structure for your custom resources). If you want this image to be used in your corporate e-mail signature, refer to this image as %rescustomresources%\corpimage.gif.