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User Sessions

With User Sessions, you can gather information about each user that is logged on to your environment.

You can view the following information:

  • When was the session started?

  • When was the session refreshed?

  • What is the idle time of the user?

  • What is the state of the user?

  • On what client is the user working?

  • Which IP address is assigned to the user?

  • On what computer is the user working?

  • What is the IP address of that computer?

  • What Workspace Container is the user working in?

  • What is the user's session ID?

  • What is the protocol used by the user - ICA, RDP, PCoIP, Blast or Local?

  • Is the license in use?

  • What is the user's AppGuard mode?

  • What is the user's NetGuard mode?

  • What is the user's Workspace Composer version?

  • What is the user's Workspace Extender version?

The Search functionality is case insensitive and will search within the data filled in for Name, User name, and Computer. The search will be based on the entire database of User Sessions and not only on the overview displayed at Diagnostics > User Session.